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Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch

Blizzard revealed in a Reddit AMA that the two games will merge on October 4th

You can join the queue to buy a PlayStation 5 right now

No invite required, so hop in


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Netflix confirms an ad-supported tier is really, actually happening

Chris Pratt says his Mario voice is ‘unlike anything you’ve heard’

Epic monster battles will be at the heart of Final Fantasy XVI

Ifrit, Shiva, and Pheonix, oh my!

Acclaimed strategy game Into the Breach comes to mobile via Netflix

Keanu Reeves apparently likes NFTs now

He’ll be helping to bring creators into the metaverse

Nintendo and the Steam summer sale are here to ruin you financially

Kate Bush loves that Stranger Things is introducing the youth to her music

Bungie sues Destiny YouTuber for sowing chaos with fake copyright strikes

Microsoft Edge gets new Xbox and PC gaming performance features

Inscryption, the delightfully unsettling card-battling roguelike, comes to Mac and Linux

Street Fighter 6 is designed to be a fighter ‘that everyone can play’

An early look at Capcom’s next major fighting game

No Man’s Sky takes off on Nintendo Switch in October

Ms. Marvel’s MCU powers may be connected to Captain Marvel’s classic comics tech

Epic Games thinks it has a solution for review bombing

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is entirely predictable — but that doesn’t make it any less fun

You may know where the story is headed, but the journey is still worth it

The best deals on Nintendo Switch games right now

Geoff Keighley isn’t worried about E3 making a comeback

Govee’s DreamView G1 Pro gaming lights are discounted for the first time

A small yet rare discount on some slick lights

Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting mouse and keyboard support and latency improvements

Fortnite is testing a clever way to help you find teammates

The Obamas head to Audible

Paramount Plus plans 150 international originals by 2025

Everyone’s ready to die on that hill in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2’s first trailer

The Future Of: The Verge’s Netflix show about the future of everything is now streaming

The world’s first PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ now exists thanks to a YouTuber

Sony could have a trio of new gaming headsets on the way